Settings and Preferences
iPro Settings and Preferences
The “Settings and Preferences” page allows the broker to update settings for the information entry page, promotional logos, report layout and more.
Under the “Carrier and Website Settings” section, simply click on the link that you would like to change or edit. Your choices include: Insurance Carrier Broker ID’s, Online Application Links, Information Entry Page Layout, Information Entry Page Fields, Select Your Insurance Carriers and Plans, Promotional Logos, ePro Web Report layout, Insurance Application Methods and epro Links.
The manage letters link under “Letter Wizard” at the bottom of the page will allow the broker to draft and save up to 10 letter templates in the systems memory to be used with Quotit’s Letter Wizard and email auto responder service. The email -auto responder settings link controls the schedule for which the auto responder letters get sent to clients.

Settings & Preferences

Manage your products and plans that you would like to quote, update website settings such as report layout, fields, colors and more.